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Michée 7.19


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Alabanza y adoración en inglés.

Adoration en anglais

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Blessed be the name of the lord
Praise medley – three songs for opening worship
You are holy (prince of peace)
Morning worship – medley
God is here – there is a sweet anointing in this sanctuary…
Open the eyes of my heart, lord
More love, more power
Mighty to save
In christ alone
Ust as i am – i come broken to be mended…
Amazing grace (my chains are gone)
Ancient of days
Who am i
My savior, my god
Jesus, we enthrone you – don moen
Lamb of god
No higher calling
Renew my life, lord jesus
Above all
I surrender all – yo me rindo a ti
Praise you in the storm
Great is the lord
Jesus, name above all names
The power of your love – el poder de tu amor – oslo gospel choir
Wonderful merciful savior
Ancient of days
Hear our praises
Celebrate jesus, celebrate
Agnus dei – lamb of god
I will sing of my redeemer – you set me free
I will sing
Power of your love
Through the fire
Show me your ways
I am the god that healeth thee
Come now is the time to worship
Mighty is our god
How great thou art – traditional hymns
Hillsong – thank you – with lyrics
Blessed be your name
As the deer
Breathe – tu eres mi respirar
Thank you – for all that you’ve done…
Turn your eyes upon jesus
Welcome to the family – psalty – kid’s praise 3
Trading my sorrows
Lord, i give you my heart – señor, te doy mi corazón
What the lord has done in me
Let there be praise
God will make a way – sendas dios hará
Think about his love
My only hope is you
This is the day
I want to sing
Draw me close
Jesus, pray for me
Come to worship
Eagle’s wings
I belong to Jesus
Hallelujah – your love is amazing
Agnus dei – lamb of God
God’s love medley- no greater love, hallelujah, forever
In his time & in moments like these
1 chronicles 7.14 – heal our land
I can only imagine
Revelation song
Here we are in your presence lifting holy hands…
I have decided to follow Jesus
Prepare our hearts
He will carry you
I don’t know what you came to do
I come to the cross with jesus, keep me near the cross
Nobody fills my heart like jesus
Lord, you are so precious to me
Somebody ought to testify
That’s what we came here for
We’ve come to bless your name
How great is our god / how great thou art
Lord, i lift your name on high
You are my all in all
I have a hope
Who paints the skies
Open the eyes of my heart, lord
We worship and adore thee
Rock of ages
Here i am to worship
Isn’t he wonderful?
We will glorify & hallelujah!
We are a family – blest be the tie
the zeal of god
The lord’s prayer
Celebrate Jesus & i have a hope
I will exalt the one who lifted me
Lord’s supper – santa cena
Lion of judah, calvary’s lamb
Agnus dei – lamb of god – cordero de dios
Hevenu shalom alechem

Que Dieu vous bénisse




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J'aime le Seigneur de tout mon coeur, Il est ma vie, ma raison d'être. Je suis une chrétienne, membre d'une église évangélique ADD à côté de Rouen. Je fais ce blog afin de partager l'amour merveilleux de notre Seigneur. J'ai fait le choix de ne pas enseigner , conformément à ce que dit l'écriture ,j 'ai décidé de ne pas faire de demandes d'argent, par contre je partage des messages d'églises, des louanges, des versets bibliques en images, des témoignages de l'oeuvre de Dieu dans les vies, la Bible audio si précieuse, ,etc.. afin que nous soyons fortifiés dans le Seigneur, que notre amour pour Lui grandisse toujours plus, ainsi que sa connaissance , car il en est digne . A Dieu soit la gloire aux siècles des siècles. Soyez béni(e)s. Marie-Hélène